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Message from FAPAC Nomination and Election Committee (NEC)

According to the FAPAC Constitution and Bylaws (C&B), an election of Officers, Regional Directors (RD), and Auditor will be held in August 2018. This election will be conducted via Online only. The positions will be for 1 term (2-years) starting October 1, 2018 and ending September 30, 2020.

Process and Time Table

 Process Start Date   End Date NEC Actions 
Nomination 07-1-2018 07-31-2018
Midnight (EDT)
1. Post Eligible Voters and Candidates list online
2. Distribute Messages to eligible voters
3. Verify consents/acceptance of Nominees.
4. Post Nominee’s bios or campaign messages
Voting 08-15-2018 08-30-2018
midnight (EDT)

Votes Audits 08-31-2018 08-31-2018 Examine the votes at a selected facility, and can be witnessed by volunteers
Election Results


Announce the Election Result via email and posting on the FAPAC Website and provide the Election Report to FAPAC NBOD


Eligibility of Voters:

  1. Eligible voters must be in good standing as a FAPAC Active Regular/Associate or Lifetime Members for the last six (6) months prior to the election, which means the membership fee is paid up prior to February 1, 2018, regardless of the regions.
  2. Eligible voters for Regional Director must be officers of local chapters in the respective RD’s regions and must be in good standing as an Active Regular or Lifetime Regular Member for the  last six (6) months membership fee is paid up prior to February 1, 2018.

Eligibility of Candidates:

  1. Eligible candidate for the officers and auditor must be FAPAC Regular or Lifetime Regular Member in good standing for the last Twelve (12) months, which means, the membership fee is paid up prior to September 1, 2017, regardless of region.
  2. Eligible Candidates for Regional Director must be the current Chapter Officers in their respective region.

Eligibility of Current NBOD

  1. Article VIII Section 1 in the C&B, excludes the former or current NBOD officers who reached the limit of two terms in the same position. Status of all current NBOD is listed below:
    Office Position Name of Officer Current Terms  Years Since  Eligible to Run the same Position(Y/N)
    President Olivia Adrian 1 2 years 2016 


    Vice President Marina Milton 1 2 years 2016 Yes
    Vice President for Operations Peter M. Nguyen  2 years 2014 No 
    Executive Secretary Fahmida Chhipa  2 years 2014 No
     Treasurer Kevin Le  2 years  2014  No
     Auditor Tat Shum 1 2 years 2016 Yes

Actions Steps

  1. Log in with your membership e-mail and password to ensure you can access the website.  Check your membership status to ensure you are in good standing and pay dues to renew your membership if needed to remain in good standing during this election process.
  2. Review the Eligible Voters and Candidates list. If you have any concerns or questions regarding your membership status, please contact the membership committee at 
  3. You are reminded to discuss with/encourage your favorite potential candidates and seek their consent in advance before you complete the nomination form on-line.
  4. You can self-nominate on-line for any position.
  5. Please click here for more information about the available positions.

Nominated Candidates

  1. If nominated, you will be notified by the NEC with a Nominations Acceptance Form.  You can accept only one position if you are nominated for multiple positions. Submit the Nomination Acceptance Form to NEC for the position you accept. 
  2. Please be sure you have read through the Constitution and Bylaws for information regarding your nominated position and the duties of being part of the National Board of Directors and/or Auditor.
  3. Provide your Bio and/or Campaign Message to NEC to be posted on the FAPAC website. Limit your Bio and/or Message to 2 pages each. Group bio and message is allowed, but will be limited to a maximum of 6 pages.
  4. Please be sure you have read the FAPAC Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct

Points of Contact

  1. For Membership Questions, contact Liz Jung, Membership Chair, ;
  2. For Constitution and Bylaws Questions, contact Raphael Choi, C&B Chair,;
  3. For Chapter Questions contact Anthony Chu, Chapter;
  4. For Nomination and Election Questions, contact Parveen Setia, Chair & Liqun Wong, Asst Chair, NEC Committee,

Verified by Grace Spence, Immediate Past President
Approved by Olivia Adrian, President

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