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ARS Vacancies - USDA

May 15, 2024 11:00 | Thong Vu (Administrator)

Human Resources Specialist (GS 12) Anywhere in the U.S. (remote job)
(Closes: 06/12/2024)
Program Support Assistant (OA) (GS 6-7) Temple, TX
(Closes: 05/27/2024)
Sup Res Bio/Sup Res Chem/Sup Res Microbio (GS 14-15) Albany, CA
(Closes: 06/13/2024)
Research Entomologist (GS 12-15) Davis, CA
(Closes: 06/12/2024)
Hydrologic Technician (GS 7-9) Oxford, MS
(Closes: 05/27/2024)
Maintenance Worker (WG 6-8) Geneva, NY
 (Closes: 05/28/2024)
Maintenance Worker (WG7-8) Prosser, WA
(Closes: 05/24/2024)
Environmental Protection Specialist (GS 13) Beltsville, MD
(Closes: 05/24/2024)
Safety and Occupational Health Manager (GS 13) Beltsville, MD
(Closes: 05/24/2024)
Program Management Specialist (GS 11) Anywhere in the U.S. (remote job)
(Closes: 05/17/2024)
Biological Science Technician (GS7-9) New Orleans, LA
(Closes: 05/22/2024)
Program Analyst (GS 7-9) Beltsville, MD
(Closes: 05/21/2024)
Administrative Support Assistant (GS 6-7) Wenatchee, WA
(Closes: 05/21/2024)

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