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White House AAPI Launching the Senior Executive Service Development Program

December 07, 2011 12:30 | FAPAC National

Download: SES Development Program Application_Final, SES Development Program One Pager Public

The White House Initiative on  Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders asked us to share with you the following email message:

Launching the Senior Executive Service Development Program (

We are pleased to announce the launch of anew Senior Executive  Service
 (SES)  Development  Program:
While the numbers of Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific
Islander federal government employees closely reflect the total
population of AAPIs in the country, Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians
and Pacific Islander representation at SES, mid and senior level
management remains low.

In response, the Asian American Government Executives Network, with
participation from the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and
Pacific Islanders, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, and the U.S.
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission launched  a  program  to
identify  and  aid applicants in preparation for the SES selection
process through  intensive  training, education,  and  mentoring.

See our two-year anniversary highlights at:

We also encourage federal employees to help AAGEN develop this new
program by taking this survey: Their survey
will collect data to examine Federal employees’ career advancement
strategies and work experiences. The survey results will provide
information to senior executives and leaders on the challenges and
barriers facing Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, as well as other



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