Department of Interior (DOI) FAPAC Chapter

Meet the Board

Lena Chang


Current position and where you work:

Senior Fish and Wildlife Biologist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Ventura Fish and Wildlife Office

Ventura, California

Why did you join FAPAC-DOI?

FAPAC-DOI came to me at a time in my life and career when I realized that sharing our stories as Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders has tremendous value. My personal goal for diversity and inclusion is to break biases through sharing our stories, creative outreach, and education. My goal as a member of the FAPAC-DOI board is to continue to work with all of you to inspire the desire to engage members of the AAPI community across the DOI, supporting and highlighting each other as we create ways to build awareness and community both nationally and within our home offices.

More about Lena

Lena was born and raised in southern California. Her early background is in special education and wildlife rehabilitation, specializing in birds of prey. Inspired by conservation, she went back to school to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Biology before being hired by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 2008. In her current position, Lena works with State, Federal, and private partners toward conservation of threatened and endangered species in coastal southern California. Lena served as FAPAC-DOI Executive Secretary (now Vice President of Outreach) in FY2019.

Cathy Gao

Vice President of Programs

Current position and where you work:

Auditor-In-Charge, General Service Administration, Office of Inspector General

Washington, D.C.

Why did you join FAPAC-DOI?

I joined FAPAC-DOI because I want more partnerships, more networking opportunities, more presence in the government for our members and more weight to the statement “I am a member of the FAPAC.”

More about Cathy

Cathy is an auditing professional with over 10 years of private and public sector auditing and project management experience. In her current position, she is providing the contract audit services to the GSA contracting officials to help them carry out their procurement responsibilities and obtaining the best value for Federal customers and the American taxpayer. Cathy is serving as the Assistant Director of the Awards Committee, Association of Government Accountants, Washington D.C. Chapter.

Mathew John

Vice President of Outreach

Current position and where you work:

Audiovisual Production Specialist, National Park Service, Office of Communications

Washington, D.C.


Why did you join FAPAC-DOI?

I joined FAPAC-DOI because I want to learn more about people, cultures and ultimately share our stories.

More about Mathew:

Mathew is an award winning videographer who artfully mixes music, sights, and sounds to convey the beauty, history, and majesty of our country's 400+ National Parks. He serves as policy advisor, mentor, and trainer for 20,000 employees at sites throughout the country and enjoys helping others produce quality content.   


Vice President of Finance

Chapter Information and Events

MISSION: To support the Department of the Interior in addressing issues of interest to the DOI Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community and to foster professional development and networking among its members.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Chapter (FAPAC-DOI) shall be to implement the goals and objectives of the national-level entity Federal Asian Pacific American Council (FAPAC) as set forth in the National bylaws and in accordance with DOI Departmental Policy.

Our 2019 AAPI Heritage Month Celebration with special guest, Executive Director Holly Ham of the White House Initiative on AAPIs, was highlighted in This Week at Interior In HR Quarterly, and can be viewed here!

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Next Chapter Meeting

November 14, 2019 12pm-1pm Eastern

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