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Federal Asian Pacific American Council



Forming Chapters:

Established 1985, FAPAC is the oldest, largest and most active organization of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the government. Constitution Article IV, Sections 6-7: Local sections of FAPAC, designated as Chapters and composed of individual members may, when approved by the National Board of Directors, be formed. Each Chapter shall have power to draft its own constitution and bylaws, provided that such constitution and bylaws shall be in harmony with the FAPAC Constitution and Bylaws and are in furtherance of the objectives of FAPAC. Geographically, Chapters are divided into 5 regions:

Region 1 - Northeast; Region 2 - Midwest; Region 3 - South; Region 4 - West; and Region 5 - Capital Region (Great Washington Area)

The Guideline for forming a chapter: 2006APR18_ChaptersGuidelines_v1.pdf

Chapter membership application: fapac@fapac.org




FAPAC Alabama

FAPAC California – Sacramento

FAPAC California – Southwest

FAPAC Florida

FAPAC Aberdeen Proving Ground

FAPAC New Mexico


FAPAC Tennessee

FAPAC Washington DC - Federal Communications Commission

FAPAC Washington DC - Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

FAPAC Washington DC - PBGC

FAPAC Washington DC - USDA

FAPAC Washington DC - Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Member Organizations (Washington DC Area)

Parklawn APA Community, Rockville

Asian Pacific Internal Revenue Service Employees

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services APANet

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency APA Council

U.S. Department of Transportation APA Employee Council

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development,APA Council

U.S. Customs APA Council

Government of the District of Columbia APA Council