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Future Star Program (FSP) News

  • October 23, 2019 Article Update, "FAPAC Inaugurates 2019 Future Star Program (FSP)"
      • In support of Executive Order 13583 on establishing a coordinated government-wide initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in the Federal workforce, Federal Asian Pacific American Council (FAPAC, including NIH chapter, Parklawn chapter, and FDA chapter) launched a new Future Star Program (FSP) to offer individual mentoring and professional development for high school students in Fall 2019.  FSP is open to all and aims to assist next generation to identify federal, state, and local government youth internship opportunities, training, or volunteer opportunities; improve their communication/interview skills; and develop a comprehensive leadership experience. FSP is aiming for attracting the best and talented young generation leaders into the 21st century public service workforce, improve workforce diversity, and serve the American people.
      • The 2019 program runs October 2019 through September 2020. Application was open to public in July 2019 and the community responded warmly to the call for nominations.  Followed with a roundtable discussion among the FSP Advisory Board co-chaired by Dr. Richard Nakamura, former Director of NIH Center for Scientific Review, Ms. Lily Qi, Delegate, Maryland General Assembly, and Dr. Clarence Lam, State Senator, Maryland General Assembly  on Sep 17th, 2019, eight nominations of high school students were selected in the first cohort of FSP. On Oct 23rd, 2019, the FSP kickoff meeting was successfully held in Rockville, MD. The 1st FSP cohort was first introduced into the program by Dr. Xinzhi Zhang, FSP Co-Director, LCDR, USPHS, with background information on FAPAC and the goal of the FSP. Honorable Lily Qi shared her amazing path to becoming a first-generation Chinese American lawmaker in Maryland. The FSP fellows were greatly inspired and asked Delegate Qi many questions regarding leadership, public policy making and how to contribute to the community. To enhance the understanding of the program structure, Mr. Kelvin Xu, FSP Co-Director, laid out a detailed plan for FSP fellows. The students began their networking activities within the group at the kickoff meeting. They anonymously elected their team leader and deputy leader. In the following weeks, the FSP fellows will initiate the program activities including mentoring and community service project.
      • This meeting is sponsored by FAPAC HHS Parklawn Chapter (representing IHS, AHRQ, SAMHSA, and HRSA), FAPAC NIH Chapter, FAPAC FDA Chapter, and Asian American Health Initiative (AAHI), Montgomery County DHHS.