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2023 FAPAC Toastmasters Program

Program runs from April 2023 to March 2024

General Information:

The Federal Asian Pacific American Council (FAPAC) is proud to charter a Toastmasters Program in support of the FAPAC members and the potential members.

The FAPAC Toastmasters Program is a twelve-month opportunity to cultivate the members with the public speaking and leadership development skills. This Toastmasters program will also prepare members to take on a prospective FAPAC leadership role.

FAPAC Toastmasters Objective:

·        Encourage individuals to develop to their full potential.

·     Provide resources to strengthen personal goals and career planning.

·      Prepare participants for career advancement opportunities.

Participants Commitment /Accountability:

        Participants (as FAPAC members) including Elected officers (National Board of Director “NBOD” or National Board of Operation “NBOO”) are required to complete at least level one of five levels in a Toastmaster (TM) Education Program called “Pathways”

     Participants (as FAPAC members) need to demonstrate the potential leadership competence during the TM year (April of this year to March of the next year)

      After meeting two requirements mentioned above, the FAPAC Member and Toastmasters Participant can then file a reimbursement of $120 at the end of that TM year.

      Interested individuals can join the FAPAC Toastmasters Program by paying their own membership dues.

      FAPAC members who join the FAPAC Toastmasters can forgo the requirements of reimbursement and paying their own Toastmasters membership dues.

FAPAC Toastmasters’ Administration:

·        Program is managed by the FAPAC Membership Committee Chair/Co-Chair. This includes providing a member recommendation to the FAPAC Board for the reimbursement process.

·     Toastmasters program is conducted virtually twice a month, on a 2nd & a 4th Wednesday at 12pm ET.

  •    Membership dues are $120 per year to join and (one time $20 for a new applicant). Payment is payable to the Toastmasters International online by contacting the FAPAC Toastmasters Program President via FAPAC Toastmasters (

How to sign up or Questions? Contact

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