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A1. Managing Your Boss 

Course Description: This workshop will explore and advise on how to successfully and efficiently advance one’s career through effective management of relationships with superiors and senior peers. Participants will learn about building and maintaining one’s own “brand name” to help their boss and senior peers.

Presenter: Samuel Mok, Manage Member of Condor Advisors, LLC


A2. The Time Management

Course Description: Based on the Book of the same title, you can make every moment more valuable, through 24 mastered techniques that will instantly increase your workplace efficiency.  Through clear, concise directions, you’ll learn how to match the right timesaving method to each situation and avoid ineffective strategies that can actually cost time rather than save it.

Presenter: Cynthia Dunn, Internal Revenue Services and Margareth J. Bennett, National Institute of Health


A3. Being A Women, Being Successful, Learning the Game

Course Description: In this workshop participants will learn the different unwritten rules that govern the game of work in a business environment.  Participants will also learn and understand the importance of visibility and how it sets the tone for success.  Participants will learn how to say the right thing the first time and the different languages of men and women. This dynamic, strategy-filled and sometimes humorous workshop will teach women how to equalize their positions in today’s and tomorrow’s workforce. Women who attend this workshop will increase their prominence and effectiveness in an every evolving workplace.

Presenter: Oliver Allen Jr., Drug Enforcement Administration


A4. Pacific Islander Issues

Course Description: Address the needs of the Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander community.

Presenter: TBD  


B1. AAPI Health Education Forum

Course Description: Education in critical health areas, disease management and nutrition is essential for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) as they  fully assimilate and settle in the American mainstream.  AAPIs realize a need to be empowered with public health education and knowledge to seek preventative health measures and pursue   efforts to achieve a healthy quality of life as individuals.  Specific information that requires continued knowledge and vigilance are preventative efforts and management of chronic disease concerns that adversely impact AAPI communities, such as hypertension, hepatitis, diabetes as well as access to good nutrition and food safety information.  AAPIs need to be increasingly aware what the Federal government is doing in its various public health and food safety initiatives and how they can not only benefit from these initiatives but also contribute and play a significant role in these efforts and be stewards for their communities.

Moderator: Dr. Damber Kumar (DK) Gurung, Presenter: Dr. Long Nguyen


B2.  A Roadmap for Financial Well-Being during “Economic Challenge” for the Government Workforce

Course Description: Where financial literacy training programs have consistently failed is in the student’s ability to assimilate voluminous, complex data and then translate that into a personal action plan. The approach taken by the Government Employees Retirement Planning Foundation in this training eliminates the possibility of failure / procrastination by giving each student a financial resume that serves as a basis for comprehension and action. You should walk away from this presentation with a roadmap for your financial future.

Presenter: G.B. Bose, President and CEO Washington Retirement Planning Specialists


B3.  Social Security Services

Course Description: Social Security’s priority is to deliver high-quality, citizen-centered service to every claimant, beneficiary and the American taxpayer.  Learn how to apply for: Social Security card, Retirement Insurance benefits; Survivor’s benefits; Disability Insurance benefits, Medicare card replacements and benefits.  This course will provide information that every American should know.

Presenter: Alicia Saile, Social Security Administration


B4. More Than Tolerance: Embracing Diversity Now

Course Description:

Presenter: Camille Whitefield, Custom Border Protection


C1. Adults Behaving Badly (ABB):  Bully, Harassment, and Other ABB Behaviors in the Workplace

Course Description: In this presentation, the audience, guided by the facilitator, will explore the concept of “bullying” and the way in which it intersects with the work done by EEO professionals in the areas of discrimination and harassment.  By reviewing American society’s messages about “bullying,” the presenter suggests ways for EEO professionals to address the problems bullying creates in the workplace and steer responsibility for the problem to the correct agency forum.

Presenter: Janice Caramanica, State Department


C2. Career in Criminal Justice

Course Description: Both the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice offer exciting and fulfilling career opportunities. With new advances in forensic technology and an ever evolving legal landscape you can be assured that a career in criminal justice or law enforcement will truly be the experience of a lifetime. Careers in Criminal Justice or Law Enforcement encompass a myriad of jobs that typically welcome individuals with educational and professional backgrounds in criminology, criminal justice, political science, psychology, social work, engineering, and a variety of other liberal arts and science disciplines. You will hear the first hand story from these outstanding professionals.

Presenter: panels from law enforcement agencies, Naval Criminal Investigation Services, Drug Enforcement Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Us Marshall and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives  


C3. Interview Techniques

Course Description: This course is designed to assist participants with preparing for the interview process.  It will help them understand the various interview formats, delivery methods, and possible questions that may be posed. Upon completion of this session, participants should have the tools to prepare for interviews and understand the purpose of the interview process.  They will understand the various types of interviews, as well as the types of questions they may be asked and how to respond.  Participants will also know how to conduct themselves during the interview and what needs to happen afterwards.

 Presenter: DeShan Mingo, U.S. Office of Personnel Management


C4 Veteran’s Empowerment 101

Course Description: Service members, Veterans, and family members will learn information on Claims processing, disability compensation, E-Benefits, VA home loans, Post 911 GI Bill and memorial affairs.

Presenter: Yvette Arrindell, Mia Coleman and Ron Sagudan, Department of Veterans Affairs


D1. NeuroFed: Leading with the Brain in Mind

Course Description: We live in the midst of a quiet but powerful revolution:  what one observer has called the emerging "neurosociety."  A staggering amount of information and knowledge about the brain and the mind has emerged over the past decade, with widespread implications.  Brain science is having a greater and greater impact on fields as diverse as politics, economics, law, advertising, healthcare, education, and entertainment. This session offers an exploration and distillation of key neuroscience findings with critical relevance for another field:  leadership.

Presenter: Dr. Peter Ronayne & Dr. Patricia Rooney, Office of Personnel Management


D2. Ethical Leadership

Course Description: Ethical leaders are in short supply.  Why?  This course will answer that question and discuss how ethical leadership and doing the right thing for the right reason is right for your business life and for your personal life.  Time-tested leadership tips and traits will be shared.  This is an interactive session.  Come prepared to share, learn, and grow!

Presenter:  Jan Keith, Social Security Administration

D3. Resume Writing

Course Description: The Federal Government does not require a standard job application.  Instead, your resume (and supporting documents) is your application.  This workshop will provide participants with information on how best to write a resume that highlights strengths and accomplishments.  Participants will learn what information to include on their resume, tips to market themselves, and how to describe their experience.  They will also learn how to communicate veteran-specific information on your resume.  Participants will leave this session armed with information to craft an effective resume

Presenter: DeShan Mingo, U.S. Office of Personnel Management


D4  Veteran’s Empowerment 102

Course Description: Service members, Veterans, and family members will learn information on Veterans Health Administration such as eligibility, My HealthVet program, mental health, women health and Vet Centers.  Department of Veterans Affairs also has a new program called "VA for Vets". This program assists Veterans to transition to the civilian workforce and promotes working at the Veterans Affairs.  The main initiative is to actively recruiting Veterans to join our VA team.

Presenter: Al Rosado, Kevin Green, and Ron Sagudan, Department of Veterans Affairs


E1. Myers Briggs I 

Course Description: WHAT IS THE Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) ®?

MBTI) ® is an internationally used and respected instrument for understanding normal personality differences based on individual preferences. Knowing your personal type as measured thought the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument can help you with career planning at every stage.  Learn how to gain a better understanding of yourself and others utilizing this tool. It will offer a practical approach to recognizing what works for you professionally and personally in all aspects through the knowledge you will gain during this session.

Presenter: Elaine Wesley, Drug Enforcement Administration

E2. Leadership

Course Description:

Presenter: John Burden, Chief Diversity Officer, Department of Interior


E3. EEOC Case Update

Course Description: Presenter will discuss recent, important decisions issued by the Commission and Supreme Court (as applicable).

Presenter: Jo Linda Johnson, Training Director, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 

E4. Fair and Equitable Treatment: Progress Made and Challenges Remaining

Course Description: The Federal Government has made substantial progress toward achieving a representative workforce that is free of discrimination based on factors such as ethnicity/race, gender and age.  However, challenges remain as all groups are not fully represented at all levels and many employees believe that personnel decisions are often based on factors other than merit, such as favoritism.

Presenter: James Tsugawa , Sr. Analyst, Merit System Protection Board


F1. Myers Briggs II – See E1


F2. “Always Ready” leadership

Course Description: This course presents some anecdotes and sea stories of an Asian immigrant who came to the US at a young age, joined the Coast Guard, became an aviator, and rose through the ranks despite cultural differences.  It will offer some insights on stylistic differences between the Eastern and Western styles of leadership, and describe some lessons learned.

Presenter: Lyuke, Jason, CAPT, US Coast Guard


F3. Navigating the EEO Process

Course Description: This workshop will walk you through the sometimes mysterious EEO process, explaining each step and analyzing important considerations along the way. Deadlines, options, and best practices will be discussed, as well as answers to the hard questions related to your participation in the process.

Presenter: Jo Linda Johnson, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


F4. How to Prepare ECQ for an SES Position

Course Description: This course will provide information and resources participants can use in writing their Executive Core Qualification statements that are required to apply for Senior Executive Service (SES) positions and to apply for SES Candidate Development Programs. Participants will: Understand why the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) are important; Learn what competencies are covered by each ECQ; Learn how to write ECQs.

Presenter: TBD


G1.  How to Sharper Your Skills in Business Writing  

Course Description:



G2. Lesbian, Gay Rights in the Workplace

Course Description: This course will explore discrimination against the LGBT community, the parallels between discrimination against LGBTs and other groups, discuss generally accepted terminology to be used when referring to those in the LGBT community, and successful ways to make the workplace a more positive and inclusive environment. Recognizing the fact that this is a topic about which some have had very limited exposure, the instructor and participants will work together to create a safe environment for individuals to ask whatever questions they might have about the LGBT community without fear of being judged or labeled.

Presenter: Mathew Murphy, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

H1. History of APA Civil Right  

Course Description:

Presenter: Dr. Jane Suen, Center for Disease Control  and Tricia  Sung, President, Organization of Chinese American Atlanta Chapter



Course Description: