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  • February 09, 2018 09:35 | Kin Wong (Administrator)

    We are pleased to announce a new, exciting position available in the Department of the Treasury, TIGTA.  It is our hope that qualified, career oriented individuals at your organization will actively consider this position and apply accordingly.  Efforts on your part to disseminate this information are greatly appreciated.

    Position Information:
    Job Description:  Contract Specialist
    Announcement Number:  18-TIGTA-26
    Location(s) of position:  Washington, DC, US
    Salary:  (USD) $96,970 - (USD) $126,062
    Applications will be accepted from 02/07/2018 to 02/20/2018.

    For additional information on this job posting, please go to:  Job

  • February 09, 2018 09:34 | Kin Wong (Administrator)

    Job Description:Metal Forming Machine Operator Supervisor
    Announcement Number:18-MINT-86-M
    Salary range:(USD) $31.41 - (USD) $36.65
    Where the position is located:Denver, CO, US

    For additional information on this position please go to:!execute.hms?orgId=6&jnum=160351.

  • February 09, 2018 09:33 | Kin Wong (Administrator)

    Announcement Number:18-DO-107-ICTAP
    Salary range:(USD) $134,789 - (USD) $164,200
    Where the position is located:Washington, DC, US

    For additional information on this position please go to:!execute.hms?orgId=5&jnum=160288.

  • February 06, 2018 09:13 | Kin Wong (Administrator)

    The Pacific Southwest Region’s Fire and Aviation Management staff is currently in the process of outreach to assess interest in a permanent, fulltime GS-2101-11/12 Fixed Wing Operations Specialist position located in McClellan, CA. The outreach notice and reply form are attached; please share this information with those within your network and with others you know who are qualified and may be interested.


    This position serves as an expert in fixed wing operations and is responsible for regional direction and oversight of all fixed wing operations, including direct and indirect fire suppression, transportation of personnel and cargo including hazardous materials into remote areas, fixed wing crew training, facilities adequacy, and equipment suitability. The majority of the work of the position is in support of wildland fire suppression. Provides direction and oversight to fixed wing operations supporting all Regional activity including forest health, resource management, law enforcement, and research. Ninety (90) days of experience as a primary/rigorous wildland firefighter or equivalent experience outside federal employment is a basic qualification requirement for this position. If you have further questions regarding the position, please contact acting Regional Aviation Officer Phil Ketel at 209-304-4302, email


    This purpose of this outreach notice is to determine an adequate candidate pool, and it is in effect from February 5, 2018, through February 26, 2018.  If you are interested in this position, please complete the attached outreach response form and return it to When the outreach notice expires, you may access USAJOBS at for all job announcement information. Those responding to this outreach will receive notice of the job announcement information once available.

  • February 06, 2018 09:12 | Kin Wong (Administrator)

    New Vacancies for the Week of February 5, 2018 



    Director, Western Regional Research Center

    Series/Grade:  ES-0401-00



    Supervisory Human Resources Specialist

    Series/Grade: GS-0201-14



    Supervisory Human Resources Specialist

    Series/Grade: GS-0201-14


    North Carolina

    Biological Science Technician (Plants)

    Series/Grade: GS-0404-05

  • February 06, 2018 09:12 | Kin Wong (Administrator)

    Job Description:Executive Assistant
    Announcement Number:18-DO-104
    Salary range:(USD) $68,036 - (USD) $88,450
    Where the position is located:Washington, DC, US

    For additional information on this position please go to:!execute.hms?orgId=5&jnum=160256.

  • February 06, 2018 09:11 | Kin Wong (Administrator)

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is seeking energetic and passionate college students looking to contribute to the health and vitality of America’s agriculture and natural resources!

    APHIS will advertise internship opportunities on USAJobs for one week starting February 5, 2018, in the following locations: Phoenix, Arizona; Hilo, Hawaii; Barigada, Guam; Otis Air National Guard Base, Massachusetts; and Ponce, Aguada, and Carolina, Puerto Rico. Positions will be offered in the following fields: biological science, administration, and financial management. 

    To be eligible for a position, students must be able to attend school and physically report to their duty station on a full- or part-time schedule (at least 16 hours a week) year-round. In addition to day-to-day responsibilities, selected students will participate in the Agency’s Intern Career Development Program designed to expose them to APHIS’ exciting and broad mission and inclusive culture and to develop key technical and leadership skills necessary to be successful APHIS employees. 

    To learn more about the positions offered and how to apply, please visit the APHIS Intern Career Development Program webpage.

  • February 06, 2018 09:10 | Kin Wong (Administrator)

    Job Description:Certification Program Manager
    Announcement Number:18-MINT-71
    Salary range:(USD) $94,225 - (USD) $122,493
    Where the position is located:Philadelphia, PA, US

    For additional information on this position please go to:!execute.hms?orgId=6&jnum=160239.

  • February 02, 2018 17:56 | Kin Wong (Administrator)

    The Department has approved forty (40) hiring waivers specifically for Presidential Management Fellow (PMF) appointments outside the DC and Denver Metropolitan Areas.  PMFs may be hired in positions outside DC and Denver without the need to request and obtain an additional hiring waiver from the Department. Please continue to follow any internal hiring approval procedures at the Bureau/Office level.


    These pre-approved waivers are immediately available on a first come, first served basis. This enables supervisors/managers to quickly fill positions with highly qualified candidates from the new Class of 2018 Fellows. 


    Since 1977, the PMF Program’s purpose has been to recruit and develop highly qualified individuals for leadership positions within the Federal Government. Centrally administered by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the program targets recent advanced degree graduates from all academic disciplines, including STEM. PMFs serve on a two year, excepted service appointment and may be converted to the competitive service upon successful completion. They may be initially appointed into positions at GS-09 through GS-12, based on qualifications, and may receive promotions up to GS-13 during the two year PMF appointment. For more information, please visit the PMF website at



    If you are interested in hiring a PMF, or have questions about the program, please contact Ericka Witham, Bureau PMF Coordinator, at 703-787-1438 or

  • February 02, 2018 17:48 | Kin Wong (Administrator)



    The mission of Asian American Government Executives Network (AAGEN) is to promote, expand, and support Asian American and Pacific Islander leadership in Government.  In accordance with AAGEN's mission, the scholarship program has been designed for students in their continuing education to better prepare themselves for positions of leadership and trust in the Federal, State, and Local governments.

    Two (2) scholarships for $1,500 and two (2) scholarships for $1,000 will be awarded in 2018.  The AAGEN scholarship is a one-time award; former AAGEN scholarship winners are not eligible.

    The applications for the scholarship will be accepted until April 1, 2018.

    For more information about the AAGEN scholarship program and how to apply, please use the following link:

    Scholarship Program 

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